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A Coming Revolution


A revolution is coming just take your guns poets..

fill them with your blood

Ready to shoot your words

Into their hearts 

It doesn’t matter who is behind my mentorship

Like a seed in the rainy season I will germinate

Into the world I will be born again

This time ,I will last forever

Forever I will live to spit my ink

With a iron heart I will protect my heart

For Love will put a smile on my face

While Peace will restore happiness in my heart

They said I wouldn’t make it to the end

That I was too weak to reach the finish line

But a day is coming,

Where they will not need 3D glasses to see my vision

Where they won’t sleep just to interpret my dream

Where my enemies and friends will dance to my success

When birds will fly high with my name in their songs

When the whole city will paint my name in its corners

When streets will have a moment of silent in my honour

And the day is soon,

Sooner you will bow to my INK

Cry as it sheds tears of Joy

Cause I have a Father who never Sleeps

The kings of kings

Mightier than king Kong

Stronger than the storms

Faster than the winds

Cause when the day comes,

I will own the headlines

I will be next to your heart beat

Making your tongue stammer

A revolution is coming

I won’t remain hidden in the soil

I won’t hide under the stones

Just to avoid the rains

Reason I am a seed

And seeds germinate

My success is coming



So today I’m going to share my story

A dark past that I have kept a secret

But the more I keep it the more it hurts

Consuming my thoughts like fire

Making me wish death was my next birthday gift

I was only 14 and new nothing about love

Dad had passed away two years earlier

And the life struggles forced mum to remarry

So the new man in my life was wealthy

Wealthy enough not to fear spending

He was a drunkard and a cheat

A cheat because he was never satisfied with mum

But I couldn’t complain to him

He was nice to me sometimes

He bought us clothes and meals

He paid my school fees every term

Taking me trips in the rich man world

So to me he was a “father figure”somehow

On my 14th birthday he promised me gifts

But mum couldn’t attend she was on business trip

I waited for him all night

Praying the gift was a guitar

For I had love for music

For it in music hope for a better tomorrow was restored

I heard a knock at my door

It was my favourite”guardian angel”

On his hand was a guitar

And so I could mind hugging him for minutes

On the bed side he sat listening to me play it

After a while he switched off the lights

And I said good night to him as he stood up

But in seconds a hand was find its way in my pants

I tried to scream but his hand was over my mouth

 Pain is all I could feel between my legs

The “good man”had stolen my innocence

He said nothing came without a price

So I was sexually assaulted by the man I called dad

I tried to cry in the dark night

But the tears couldn’t erase that evil act

My thighs were red due to the friction of his movement

My clothes were red in blood

Should I tell mum?I wondered 

But she wouldn’t believe me

She loved this man for he restored joy in her

I found my way to the streets

What was meant for my husband was gone

What made me pure flew away

I was pregnant for my step father

The man who believed women were objects

And with money and gift you would buy them

10 years down the line I’m here smiling

Looking at the product of that night

Hope is the name I gave him

I couldn’t abort him I wasn’t born evil

I gave him life to restore the joy I lost for life

His face resembles that evil man

But in his eyes I still see a good soul

A boy who has found away to make me happy

Never pay evil by evil

For it is in dark times we see light